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Do you want to start using this incredible tool in your classes or sessions?
Or are you already using the BackMitra® and you want to learn more?

This is your chance to become a certified BackMitra® trainer!

During this course you will learn
– How to safely integrate the BackMitra® in your classes / sessions.
– Anatomy applied to the functioning of the BackMitra®.
– Restorative exercises.
– How to improve your student’s / client’s spinal flexibility and posture.
– To prevent sport injuries by restoring mobility in neck, shoulders and back.
– To address conditions like Kyphosis, Forward Head Posture / Text Neck and Sway Back Posture.
– How to prevent back and neck hernia.
– To improve breathing patterns to calm the overly-active and activate those with low energy.

“You will acquire a profound understanding of the BackMitra® through your own experience”

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